Custom Pretty housemaid 1890s tight lacing overbust corset Made to measure

Handmade in the UK
The only slave labour involved is mine and my fiancé's;)

Our corsets are designed and strengthen specifically for tight lacing, both moderate and extreme! 

A beautiful reinterpretation of the 1890s pretty housemaid corset, I have made the pattern to suit the modern womans figure, the female figure has changed a fair bit since these corsets were originally made.

I will hand draft a new pattern to suit your specific requirements, waist reduction and measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

This cut of corset is absolutely stunning, those Victorians knew a thing or two about making corsets. It curves and flows majestically to give you an exquisite hourglass shape. It is a truly unique corset.

The corset has 12 panels and a hip band. It is busk fronted but I can make it plain fronted if required. It has 16 flat spring steel bones (not spirals). The seams are all reinforced and the eyelet/grommet channels have bones down either side and are reinforced with extra fabric.

It would be 3 layered, lined and interlined with heavy cotton coutil, the outer layer would be a satin, cotton, taffeta or similar fabric of your
choice in what ever colour/color you desire.

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