Custom 14 panel tight lacing underbust Made to Measure

This is a 14 panel corset, the extra panels help distribute the shaping, giving maximum effect with less stress and crumpling on the fabric. The cut allows you to effortlessly and gracefully pull your waist in while the corset remains smooth. 

This magnificent corset is made up of three layers, an outer layer of your choice, lined and interlined in heavy cotton coutil. It is steel boned throughout with flat spring steel bones in the seams, the busk and down the eyelet channels. The seams are all heavily reinforced to handle extreme tight lacing and ensure your corset lasts many years of service. The seams all have flat steel bones to support the shape and the eyelet/grommet channels have bones either side.

The cut of this corset is meant to compliment and exaggerate your natural figure, all the lines curve and flow to give a magnificent hourglass figure with smooth, curved hips, giving you those feminine Victorian curves. 

This corset will be made up to your exact measurements and preferred waist reduction. I will draw up a pattern just for your corset and match everything up to your measurements and preferences if you so choose! We have been tailoring corsets to our customers for decades and are experts in getting the best fit. 

Please feel free to ask any questions or contact us about a corset you want made (click the ask a question link on the left to contact us).
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