Unnoticable, discreet underwear corsets for smooth profile under clothes

I often get asked about underwear corsets that are discreet and not visible under clothes, to give the look of a natural hourglass figure without appearing to be wearing a corset.

The waspies and waist cinchers are generally best for this, I would recommend the cotton ones (although I don't have any nude or cream colour ones listed, I will happily make one for you) they are stronger, breathe better and more suited to daily wear. If you are not going for large waist reduction, just nipping in the waist by 2-4" (5-10cm), you can get away with the 2 layered version, the 2 layered version will be marginally thinner but have a read through the article about 2 or 3 layered corsets before you choose.

The waspies don't tend to inhibit movement as much so they will be more comfortable for long periods of wear, your movements will also look more natural. Not having a busk at the front also improves the profile, giving it a smoother line down the front. Some clever tying will finish off the smooth appearance (I am doing some testing on a few tricks to make the tying easier and less visible and will soon put a page up with the results)

The front lacing underbust is another good contender for the underwear corset, due to it being easier to put on. As long as you are good at hiding the laces  it should do the trick. It is slightly more restrictive but has a better shape.

Please comment below to share your tips and tricks with others to help them make their corset more discreet.

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