Lacing up your corset

In this article I will take you through the main methods of lacing up your corset and how to do it on your own.

There are 3 main methods of lacing up your corset: top to bottom,
Loops in the middle or two laces laced from top to middle and bottom to
middle. These are not the only methods, there are many more versions
out there, some get incredibly complex but for the purpose of making
your life easier lets focus on the 3.

Lacing your tight lacing corset from top to bottom:

This is the simplest method of lacing. It is quick and easy to put
the laces in but it makes it harder to do the corset up tight. If you
need to pull in the top, you have to work the slack lace all the way
down to the bottom.

Feed the ends of the lace through the top two holes of the corset.
Take the right hand lace and feed it through the 2nd hole on the left
(I prefer to put the lace in from the bottom, it makes it easier to
anchor the laces when doing up the corset). Take the original left hand
lace and put it through the 2nd hole on the right. Keep repeating the
process moving 1 hole down at a time until you reach the bottom of the
corset. Leave the corset as loosely laced as you can, wrap it around
and do up the busk.

Loops in the middle of your tight lacing corset:

This is a more complex method of lacing but worth it. Putting the
laces in is more difficult but lacing the corset up is much easier. I
recommend this method if you have a busk fronted corset.

Start off the lacing exactly the same way as the top to bottom
lacing, but don't go all the way down. Work out where the waist line
(narrowest point) of your corset is and lace only down to that point.
Once you have reached the waist, take the left hand lace and put it
through the hole directly below the one it came out of (on the same
side), this will create a loop. Do the same to the right hand side. Now
take the left hand lace and feed it through the next available whole on
the right (This time put the lace in from the top. this gives a good
visual effect, mirroring the lacing at the top and is also functional
for anchoring). Feed the right lace through the next available hole on
the left and repeat until you reach the bottom of the corset.

You now have two options for tying off the laces: either tie them to
each other or tie knots in them individually, preferably with a

When putting the corset on you simply pull the loops.

Two laces in your tight lacing corset:

This requires that you have two laces, it is fairly simple to lace
up and has a similar lacing effect to the loops in the middle.

Start off the same way as the previous two methods, lacing down to
the waist as in the loops method. Once you reach the waist, turn the
whole corset around and start the process again with the second lace
until you run out of holes.

Putting your tight lacing corset on:

Start by lining up the corsets waist line to your waistline. If it
is busk fronted, first do up the second clip from the bottom and then
work your way up to the top coming back for the bottom one last.

If it isn't busk fronted, put the corset on backwards, lace it up
and then swivel it around - once again making sure you have lined up
the waist.

Pull the laces from the waist first, then pull the laces at the 3rd
or 4th hole from the top. Be careful not to over pull, this can cause
bulges. Once you have got it tight enough at the top, if you fed the laces in through the bottom of the holes, place
a thumb and forefinger firmly over the holes you pulled from, this
should anchor the laces in place while you move down to the next

With the laces still anchored, start pulling the laces from 2-3
holes lower than the ones anchored. Once you have taken up the slack,
you can remove your thumb and fore finger, pull in the extra and then
anchor the laces you have just pulled. Continue the process until you
reach the waist (if you laced from top to bottom, continue until the

Repeat the process from the bottom, starting at the 3rd or 4th hole
from the bottom, (don't over tighten) anchoring and moving up 2-3 holes
each time until you get to the waist. (If you used the loops method,
this is where feeding the laces through from the top of the wholes
after the loops helps the anchoring)

Repeat the whole process until you get to the desired tightness and finally tie your corset up, go out and turn heads.

Just one more thing: put your shoes on before your corset, it takes some skill to do it after!

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